“Visiting” Home

So this weekend I have decided to come visit my mom for two reasons. The first is that I miss her and the  second is I need to go grocery shopping and she can be my chauffer. 🙂

When I got home, I realized something weird. Technically, I’m a visitor here. I don’t live here anymore. I live year round at college. I don’t even have my own room here. Sadly my mother has not realized this fact.

You see, normally when people visit this house they get what I like to call the “Visitor Treatment”. Not me. When visitors come, the first thing that is done is that someone changes the sheets in the guest bedroom before they get here. Was this done for me? NOPE! Instead, I’ll be sleeping in my mom’s bed this weekend.

The second thing is when they wake up, there is breakfast prepared. You know, like eggs, grits, bacon, and toast. When I woke up with that hungry look on my face, I was told I was “old enough to make my own breakfast”.

And the last thing that made me realize that no one sees my visitorness (I know, not a real word) is when I sat down to watch TV, my mom came in , grabbed the remote and AFTER changing the channel said, “You weren’t watching this were you?”   -__-

So now as I write this and prepare myself to walk in the kitchen and cook my own breakfast, I curse at the movies on TV that lied to me and told me that when I came home from college I’d be pampered like a visitor. LIARS!



Comments on: "“Visiting” Home" (5)

  1. Haha you write really well. My family would so do that to me too don’t even worry about it. Keep writing :]


  2. Interesting blog and post (love the personal ones) well from what i’m seeing here is that just as birds leave the nest you are treated as an adult…one who can do all of these things by themself. When birds return they feed themselves, clean up (or in this case prepare room for visit) so basically you are being treated like the bird who flew to coop.
    When you leave for college you leave you are saying i’m grown and can do it on my own.

    • And if my grandma (who also lives with us) treated her grown children the same way I’d agree. But sadly, they recieve the “Visitors Treatment”. lol

  3. Well all visitors should get the “viisitor treatment” but parenst many not all dont see it that way. Great blog i’ll be back to read more post in the future.

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