Sweat is Icky

So today I returned from my mom’s house and back to college. It’s about a 30-45 min ride and although we rode the whole way with the windows down I still managed to get all sweaty!

Now I don’t know about you but when I get sweaty I just feel SUPER icky! Its like my pores are clogged with dirtiness and all I want to do is jump in a shower and wash they ick away. So my plan was that as soon as I got back to my apartment, I would take a nice long shower and just hang out for a bit. But there was a problem. I left my phone and laptop (among other things) in my cousin’s car. So I used a stranger’s phone and called my mom to tell her to tell him to meet me on the main floor of the parking garage. Shouldn’t take long right? WRONG!

See my cousin (whom I love so much :] ) has a horrible habit of not answering his phone! So my mom couldn’t reach him. Finally she reached him on Facebook and he said he was on his way. So I waited in the parking deck getting sweatier and ickier for A WHOLE HOUR! Mosquitos were nipping at every exposed part of my skin and I could not take it any longer.

So finally, I used another strangers phone and called my mom again. This time telling her to tell him to meet me at my apartment instead. I get back to my room and begin putting away my groceries because surely he won’t be there for another hour or so…. WRONG! He knocked on the door about ten seconds after I began putting things away. So now I had to trek back into the parking deck, to his car, and back to my room with a hand full of crap and sweating all the way. It was horrible! And I couldn’t even complain because he had already brung most of my things to my room earlier by himself.

Finally, I made it back to my room and put all my groceries away and then it was FINALLY time to wash off all the ickiness. I tell you, that was the LONGEST shower of my life.

Moral of this story: Sweat is Icky 🙂


Comments on: "Sweat is Icky" (1)

  1. I hate being sweaty, make syoujust feel, gross, dirty an as you said icky…i’de rather be frozen or drowned in rain than to be oozing body salt from all my pores. Besides its hard be keep your sex appeal while your sweaty.

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