This School is REAL!

I have a dilemma. You see, I’ma a transfer student from unnamed school A to unnamed school B. My freshman year at school A was a piece of cake! I barely needed to study and all my assignments were pretty simple.  All that changed when I transferred to school B. You see, I realized something. School A was a party school. We partied Thursday – Saturday and I still came out on the Dean’s List. Not that I didn’t work for it; the school just simply was a party school. I thought that was normal. Turns out it’s not.

School B still has lots of parties, but I find myself having study waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more. For instance, today I have not socialized at all. I have yet another Chemistry quiz tomorrow and since I failed the first one, I have locked myself in my room to study (except for to go to class). My room is a mess yet again because I am super dee duper stressed!

I am only allowing myself a few 15 minute breaks to check my facebook and write this blog. My brain hurts!

I think I would be much less stressed if I had been more challenged last year, but in a way I am grateful for the stress. It lets me know that I am at a great school that is actually teaching me something and I will be prepared for grad school. My teachers are wonderful (except for one but that’s another post for another day) and I really feel like they are helping me to understand things even my high school teachers couldn’t get through my head.

But alas, my 15 minutes are up and I must stick my face back into my Chemistry book and pray that I actually remember all of this.


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  1. I remember my first year at uni being such a breeze. We would skip lectures because we would rather play pool in the Student Union and having not read half the books on the syllabus, we still managed to pass. But second and third year came as such a shock. Suddenly we had to knuckle down and work. Sure, we still disappeared off to London for a random night out, but we had to be more considered about when we did it.
    When I was writing my dissertation in my final year, I had to limit myself to checking facebook once an hour otherwise I wouldn’t get any work done.
    Don’t worry though – it’s all worth it in the end. Now I get to work my backside off 40 hours a week instead… I think I’d rather be a student again! x

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