Mommy Day

Today was one of the best days I’ve had in a long time. It wasn’t particularly spectacular or exciting, but I loved it just the same.

Today was what I’d like to call MOMMY DAY!

Basically me and my mom spent the whole day together. It was just me and her. We watched Lifetime movies all day. We had wierd and crazy conversations and got on eachother’s nerves (’cause it’s fun). I learned interesting things about her today. Like that she has a stalker. Not the scared for your life kind. He’s more of the annoying call too much kind. It’s her own fault. If she was ugly this wouldn’t happen. But being the unlucky woman she is, she just so happens to be quite beautiful. Guess it runs in our family. 🙂

Oh and something else funny happened. Apparently someone gave my grandma some night gowns that she “couldn’t even fit one titty in”. (Her words, not mine) So she gave them to me. I didn’t even look at them because I was on the phone. I just balled them up and stuck them in my bag. So later my mom wants to see what my grandma gave me. I tell her to look in my bag and she does. She pulls them out and is like, “Oh my God!” I look and apparently my grandma has given me to see through nighties! What in the livin Hades??!! I couldn’t stop laughing (on the inside because my mom was kind of freaked out)

So yes, its been a very good day!

Tootles ❤


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