Last night was a great [and dramatic] night!

My best friend’s birthday was on Tuesday so yesterday we went out for her birthday dinner. We all got dressed up in our cute little dresses. I can honestly say we were the hottest chicks there.

There was lot’s of drama (most of which is not my business to tell). But what I can say is that last night I met the most annoying guy ever. I won’t say his name but he mentioned when sitting down that he was twenty-one. We all are 19 so the ENTIRE dinner he keeps making jokes about our age. I will admit that when the jokes started they were funny, but after an hour of the same joke fifty times, it kind of loses its luster.

Then he asked me what my name was. When I responded, “Nigeria”, he bursted out with laughter. That is sooooooo ignorant and rude, if you ask me. Had he asked why my parents named me Nigeria, I could have told him that my father loves Africa. I then would have told him that my name (when used as a name and not a country) means ruler of lands. My mom gave me my name because she said she knew I would grow to do great things so I needed a great name.  Unfortunately, he did not ask. And when my friend Sarah called him out on it, he said he wasn’t laughing at my name. He then spent twenty minutes trying to convince us of this, which we found hilarious. This proved to me that age does not equal maturity.

Yup, it was a great night! 🙂


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