The Planner

Some people are really spontaneous people. They just live in the moment and don’t worry about the future until it’s the present. I’m not one of those people. I, readers, am a planner. It’s nothing to brag about really and in ways I feel it hold me back. If things don’t go according to plan I don’t really freak out or anything but I just like to have a plan handy for any and all possible situations.

It may seem weird to some but I actually have a life plan ( like I said before if it alters, I’m okay with that).

Wanna know my plan?

Okay, readers! I’ll tell ya! Well let’s see where to start. Well next year, I’m going to be an RA so I can save up to buy a car. Gonna do that for as long as I stay on campus. I’ll graduate in 2014 (I’m a year behind). After that I will go to GA State for grad school where I will get my Doctorate in Physical Therapy in about 3 years. After that I want to get a job at an Atlanta hospital and take night classes at DeVry majoring in Business Administration. Then once I have that degree (and enough money) I will start my own practice in Midtown (look out for it y’all!).

Somewhere in there I want to get married and have kids. But the kids must be after grad school and before I’m 37. I don’t want to be a super old mom. The only thing I have not planned is when I will actually get married. That’s one thing that I think should remain a surprise. Plus it’s not like I can propose to myself so it’s kind of my other half’s decision on that one.  I have, however, (like most girls) kind of figured out what I want my wedding to be like ( altough I won’t tell you because that for another post somewhere in the future).

So now that you have all deemed me neurotic, I shall end this post and wonder why I have told you all of my crazy planning antics. 🙂


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