Stress & Sleep Deprivation

College is many things. It is fun. It is free. But most of all it is stressful.

This week I have 2 exams and much more homework assignments. Even though I know some people have it much worse, I can’t help but be stressed. I’m starting to develop chronic headaches and my mind doesn’t even want to focus anymore.

In addition to being stressed, I am also sleep deprived. I wake up at 8 to 9:30, eat a small breakfast and then go to class. In between classes, I’m pretty much studying or if its a good day, I may watch a little TV. Walking to and from my classes is about 2 miles in 90 degree weather so that in itself is tiring. I used to be able to stay up super late, but now I find myself getting sleepy at 10 o’clock. In fact I want to sleep now, but I can’t because I’m waiting for some friends (I left my books in their room because I’m smart like that).

Anyway, I must be going now because my tiredness is affecting my writing skills and I just really don’t want a sucky blog post.

Later readers!


Comments on: "Stress & Sleep Deprivation" (2)

  1. I hope you get some rest, and things improve for you then.

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