All my life I have said to myself, “Why do men have it so easy?”  There are 3 major reasons for this:

1. Women have periods. For me, that means being sick once a month. Yay me! :/

2. Women have to birth children. I’ve never actually birthed a child but I watch TLC so I know it hurts. Those women scream bloody murder!!!

3. It’s harder for women to enter the workplace. If a man and a women are going for the same job with the same credentials, you know who’s getting the job.

But then one day a while ago, me and my boyfriend were discussing this (yes he still exists) and I thought that maybe me (at least GOOD men) have it hard as well for these reasons:

1. A good man has the pressure to provide for his family. Even if both are working, it’s just in a man’s nature to want to provide. And if you think about it, most men don’t get paternity leave so while the woman is on bed rest, guess who’s bringing in the bacon

Well that’s all I have for men in general but as most of the men I know are black, I have a few more.

2. A good black man has to deal with the stereotypes of black men in general. Yes, there are a lot of black men in and out of jail. But I must point out that other races do the same. Either way, when people see a black man, especially if he’s not in his business attire, the make assumptions. They judge him. It”s inevitable.

3. It is also harder for a good black man to enter the workforce. I am not one of those people who make excises, but just as women find it harder to enter I think this principle is also true for the black male.

So what do you think? Who has it harder? The woman or the man (in general, black or white)?


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