Okay, those who have seen me (which should be all of you because my picture is in the banner) know that I am not fat at all. But lately I have gaining a little weight. For me that is not a bad thing. I used to be SUPER skinny so my new weight actually makes me look better… and sexayyyy!!! 🙂

Anyway, althought I love my weight, this is where it needs to stay. So on my mission to prevent fatness I have taken some steps:

1. Yoga and 50 sit-ups a day: See, I don’t like treadmills and running and sweating too much. Yoga and sit-ups also help keep you fit so I’ll do those. And as weeks go by my number of sit-ups shall increase. Hopefully I can get some Janet Jackson Abs

2. Eat fruits for snacks instead of fruit loops and candy… I actually really like fruit. I just never really bought it.

3. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. It actually burns 7% more calories per day.

So these, my readers, are the steps for my Crusade Against Future Fatness. I call it: CAFF!! ( I thought it was cool. Prolly not. lol)


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