So, for the past year I have become a TLC addict. From Say Yes to the Dress to LA Ink, I watch it all.

But I’ve noticed that most of the shows are about weddings and babies. Because of this TLC just makes me think about weddings (not babies because I definitely don’t want any munchkins yet).

My favorite show on TLC is Say Yes to the Dress. I loooooove it!!! I very into dressing up so it’s only fitting that I love this show. The dresses on the show are both phenomenal and hideous. Sometimes a bride will choose a dress and be so excited about it and I’ll think why would someone even make that? Then sometimes a bride will absolutely hate a dress that I think is magnificent. But the worst episodes have to be when the bride loves a wonderful gown but the people she brings are absolutely mean and inconsiderate of her.

My second favorite show is Four Wedding (which I am watching right now). I love to see what different types of weddings and what people of different perspectives think about them. I also find the show hilarious. There is always a bride with a really weird wedding. The worst had to be what I call the Ghetto Weddin’ (yup, without a g). The preacher started yelling at the crowd. She was like, “IF ANYONE HAS ANYTHING TO SAY MAY YOU FOREVER FOREVER FOREVERRRRRR HOLD YA PEACE!!” When they showed the crowd everyone looked scared stiff. Then the groom rapped his vows and instead of a wedding singer they a little boy do a rap performance. The worst was when the people started cleaning and taking down decorations while people were still eating. I laughed so hard that day.

Even though these shows are hilarious and ridiculous at times, I still find myself thinking about my wedding day after I’m done watching them. But I can’t be the only one. What do you guys think?


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