We Clubbin’ Mon

So, Friday I did something different. My friends and I went to a reggae club. I was actually pretty excited to do something different.

When we first walked in there wasn’t many people there, but that’s to be expected when you go to a club at midnight in Atlanta. People don’t really start getting to clubs until about 2am. So for the first half hour we kind of chilled and vibed to the music. After a while people started getting there so we went down to the dance floor and danced our little patoochies off. The greatest thing about the club was the Jamaican guys dancing (disclaimer to my boyfriend: Not in an attractive way, just a they could REALLY dance way). Jamaicans have some pretty cool dances. Like one person will start doing a dance and then 1o people will join in. It was pretty awesome!

We were having a great time until we noticed that the DJ was beginning to play songs on repeat (total pet peeve for me). But I was a sport and danced anyway.

The only other negative thing I can think of were the creepers. For those who don’t know, creepers are guys who are creepy pervs. The worst of the creepers was a guy and gay girl (dressed as a dude) team. The guy would dance with a girl and then signal for the gay girl to come over and trap the girl in a sandwich. I have nothing against gay people but if someone isn’t gay and has no interest in doing gay things, I think they should be let be. I have plenty of gay friends but never once have they hit on me. That is how it should stay.

All in all, though, we had a great time. I shall leave you with this picture we took there:

(not a good picture of me)


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