In my last post, I shared with you all about the reggae club I went to. Well today I shall tell you what happened when I returned. First, let me give you some backstory.

Ok, so my boyfriend had been here basically all week and tht particular day he left for work ant about 9:15. Well at 10:00 my best friend, Tiffany, called me and asked if I wanted to go out. I of course said yes. She then told me I had an hour to get ready because we had to be there by 12 so we could get in for a dollar. Being the broke college student that I am, I complied and rushed to get dressed and get my hair cute (well as cute as possible without a relaxer). I rushed out my room and to my friend Nikko’s room where we were meeting.

So after the club I was super tired because it was past 3am. I was so excited to get in my bed and sleep the night away when I realized I had left my key card, which I need to get in the building and my apartment, in my room. Not the best place for it to be. So I bammed on the door for half an hour, but my roomies were sleep and couldn’t hear me. I then went on a search to find the number for the RA on duty, which happened to be on the top floor (great place to put it guys). I called the RA to let me in and was notified that it would cost me 25 smackaroos!!! Ironically, I saved 19 dollars at the club and spent 25 to get back in. I really had no choice so I told the RA it was fine and she let me in. It took two seconds.

Okay, now time to rant:

Why in the living daylights should it cost me THAT much to get in my room. At my old school it was ten bucks (which I still didn’t want to give up). I guess that’s the price you I pay for going to school with super rich kids. Walking in the parking garage, I see hummers, BMW’s, Mustangs, and one kid even has a Porsche. It’s great that they have all that but sometime’s it irritates me to hear them complain about their possessions when there is no way I could ever have any of that (before I start my career of course). I just wish they would be more grateful. I don’t have much but I’m grateful for what I do have. I love the laptop that my mom scraped up for and the TV she bought that I know she couldn’t really afford. Maybe its the sacrifice that makes things worth something. Maybe if it was all easy I wouldn’t care about any of it. Maybe being broke has a perk after all. 🙂


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