Becky Came Out to Play

I pride myself on being rather thin. I also pride myself on being able to eat LOTS of food and stay that way. Of course, I don’t do this alone. For those of you who don’t know, there is a 300 pound girl named Becky living inside of me (not really, don’t call the mental hospital on me). Becky is hungry ALLLLLLLL the time, but most times I ignore her because of my fatphobia.

Well, today I missed my breakfast and lunch and decided to go to the caf for some din din. And thats when it happened! Becky came out FULL FORCE and she wanted food!! ALL FOOD!!! Today, I ate two plates of lasagna, a plate FULL of spaghetti, a burger, and two slices of pizza all in a sitting. It was madness I tell you!! And afterward I could barely walked, which sucked because I had class across campus. So now I have put Becky on punishment. No more play time for her. She wants to bring me down to her level but I shall not be fat! I refuse it!!!

The End 🙂



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