I Hate My Lab Partner

Today was a great day for me. Everything went oh so well ( but thats for another entry) except for the hours of 11 to 1:15. During those hours I was in Chemistry Lab.

Surprisingly, I actually like my lab. It’s my lab partner that I hate! On the first day, I chose him because he was so quiet, nice, and I thought he was gay (gay guys are usually hilarious). I sooooo wish I would not have chosen him. He irritates the living [insert expletive] out of me!!! Let me list the ways.

1. He thinks only he can be right.

For some reason my lab partner thinks only he can be right. When taking measurements, if I say the sample wieghs 44.4441 grams he will tell me that I am wrong and that it weighs 44.4442 grams. If I weigh something and he does not see the scale, he will insist on re-weighing the sample. For this reason we are always close to being the last group to leave which means I have to run to the On the Fly ( the dining hall’s take-out place), get my lunch, run to my Chemistry lecture and eat in class. Not what I’d rather be doing.

2. He doesn’t listen!

Today, we were doing an experiment where we were required to weigh a sample of copper. The sample was required to be slightly greater than 3 grams. Well, when weighing these samples we have to put them a little plastic dish called a weigh boat. When you put the weigh boat on the scale, there is a button you are supposed to press so that the scale weighs only the sample and not the weigh boat. So walk over to the scale, where Josh my lab partner already has begin weighing the sample, and ask him has he pressed the button before adding the sample. He says yes and continues weighing. So later after we have finished the experiment I notice that our %yield is 20%, which is horrible. Our Teacher’s Assistant asks him if he had pressed the button on the scale and he goes “Ummmmm… I think I forgot… I don’t really know how to use that thing.” and I go, “OMG! I asked you if you pressed it and you said no! Now our entire experiment is messed up!” And he goes, “I wasn’t listening.” ARE YOU SERIOUS DUDE???!!! UGH!!!

3. He ruins my funny jokes!

This one isn’t as important as the others but it still grinds my gears! I mean everyone is always laughing at my jokes and then he says something completely not funny meaning it as an add-on to my joke and immediately the laughter stops and we stare it him lik “What the [insert expletive]? Really?”


So yea… I hate my lab partner. End of story.


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