Today was the 3rd day of homecoming and the event for today was a lip sync contest. The competing groups were sororities and fraternities and other student organizations.

I have to admit most of the groups weren’t very good, but the crowd really liked Delta Phi Epsilon and Kappa Alpha Psi.

I tried to take pictures but could get no clear shots. I also tried to take a video, but my phone saves videos as .3g2  files which sadly will not post to WordPress.

Anyway, Delta Phi Epsilon was really good and my favorite. My friend Kelsey was in it and although she is white, I swear she dances like she’s black! Because she is the  best dancer in her sorority, she was the featured dancer. It was sooooo cute!

Although my favorite was DPhiE, the crowd favorite was Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity. They didn’t really have a skit like DPhiE. They pretty much just grinded and ripped their shirts off then grinded some more.

Well thats pretty much the best I can explain. Tomorrow, the belly dancers and fire dancers will be performing. I will be sure to take pictures so that I don’t have to put you all through another crappy post. 🙂


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