Dear Santa

So I’m sitting here bored listening to music on my awesome new phone and all of a sudden a Christmas song starts playing. So that got me thinking…. What do I want for Christmas? So I present to you my Christmas list (haven’t made one of these since I was 7)

  1. An electric skillet – the stove in my apartment cooks waaaay to fast! I can’t turn around for a second without burning something which makes it hard to cook more than one thing at a time
  2. A boiler – I really want to make some spaghetti but none of my pots are big enough… so I need a boiler
  3. Earphones – I want some earphones with good bass… My old ones were stolen along with my IPod 😦
  4. Fuzzy slippers – Just wanna be comfy man
  5. To have fun with my family
  6. For my boyfriend, mom, and grandma to like they’re birthday gifts

Looking at this list, I realize something. I’m getting old! I remember wanting games and toys and all tht and now I just want kitchen stuff and comfy feet. But the last two things are the most important on my list. As I get older, I care less about the gifts and more about making others happy. I’ve never had enough money to get my mom anything nice for Christmas and I think she deserves it. My grandma really deserves something really nice too. Even though she only ever gives my cousins and I socks and underwear for Christmas, she’s our grandma and she deserves something nice. My boyfriend deserves something nice because he always helps me out and rarely asks for anything in return and he never complains. I know exactly what I’m getting them all.. It’s gonna be great!


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