I’m Baaaaack!!!

Hello Readers! Have you missed me?

These past few weeks have been insane for me so blogging was impossible. First my laptop kicked the bucket. She just up and died on me! Unfortunately I won’t be able to fix it until next month.

Then finals came up. I was barely passing Chemistry so I locked myself in my room for 2 weeks and focused on studying. No video games, no blogging, nothing. Amazingly I got a B in the class. That completely shocked me since I had only been shooting for a C the entire semester. But do you know who was even more surprised than I was? My mom! When I called and told her my grades she screamed like I had just told her I had won the lottery. Honestly I think she was expecting me to fail the class.

No faith, no faith at all mom!

Anyway, after finals weeks was over my friends Tiffany and Nikko threw a Sexy Santa party where all the girls dressed like sexy santas. Wanna see my outfit? Ok!

So that’s basically what’s been going on since we last spoke, readers. I should be back to blogging at least twice a week now.

See ya later!!


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