Eff the System!

So today was a pretty bad day for me. You see, I applied for food stamps a while ago because being a college student with no job makes it hard to buy groceries every month and still have money left for things like projects, computer repairs, and all that.

So last Friday, I got the pin number for my EBT card. I knew that meant I’d be getting the card in the mail the following Monday. The timing was great because there was a Christmas party that night. All my friends had cute Santa outfits to wear and because I wouldn’t have to buy groceries I would be able to get an outfit too. Great, right?

WRONG! When I called to activate my EBT card today, I found out that there was nothing on. Turns out they sent me the card for no reason. Apparently if you are a student you have to work 20 hours a week to receive food stamps while people who are not in school can just sit around doing nothing and sucking the system dry. That is so backwards to me.

Shouldn’t some one who has less time to work because they are trying to better their lives be able to get food stamps  instead of people who can without even trying to better their lives. I know there are actually people who CAN’T get jobs but it isn’t fair that I am being penalized for getting my education. How does being enrolled in school (which costs more than sitting at home) make me less hungry and more able to buy groceries than someone not in school.

Obviously the system is made to keep you in the system. It’s a sad world we live in. Thankfully, I will be starting a job at my school’s bookstore next month. So eff the system! I WILL be getting those stamps. It’s hard out here for a college student. 🙂


Comments on: "Eff the System!" (2)

  1. cookeezrus said:

    Nice blog! That’s ridiculous that you have to work 20 hrs a week…I didn’t know that. 🙂

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