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Okay. So, I don’t know if you’ve noticed but the blog has been a bit.. well.. nonexistent for the past few months. Sorry about that guys. I was going through a LOT. Mainly a long bout of depression and anxiety issues brought on by my birth control. I already have a small anxiety problem but the birth control made it out of hand. On top of that, because I was depressed I wasn’t really doing anything blog-worthy. 

Last I posted, I believe I was an Exercise Science major. That quickly changed to Nursing. Exercise Science was never a passion of mine but I knew Physical Therapists made good money and so there ya go. Well then I realized how much schooling being a PT would take, so enter Nursing. Well, Nursing was never a passion either. Like physical therapy, it paid well and I could do it with a Bachelor’s. It seemed like it could be okay and I could settle for that right? WRONG!!

Good news, though. I did eventually figure it out. You see, during the past year, I have become OBSESSED with HGTV. Mainly the DIY shows and the ones where they take old run-sown homes and make them AH-MAZING. Then, in the past few months or so, I’ve become obsessed with actual DIY. I love it. The thought of spending $20 to make something that would normally be $200 excites my broke college student soul. So, talking to my mom one day I realized that this DIY thing actually WAS my passion. Finally, I had found it. Now, what to do with it.. Well, I have decided to start my own custom and repurposed furniture business. So, I’ve changed my major to Business Administration and am taking the leap of entrepreneurship.

I’m very excited about it. In fact as soon as I get my hands on $170 to get all the tools I need, I will be starting my first project (I’ll post details on that later). My first few projects will be for pieces to put around the house (we’re redecorating). I figure that should get me enough practice to make things to sell. Then I can begin selling on ETSY and go from there. I’m super excited and can’t wait to get my business off the ground. I’ll make sure to keep you guys updated.

Until next time,

Nigeria H.



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