My family has a history of “bad teeth”. I won’t go into details because everybody deserves for their medical issues to be private, but mine were horrible. My gums were swollen so bad, I couldn’t floss without my mouth bleeding profusely. Gross, I know.

Notice that was in past tense. Yesterday I went to the dentist and received some good and bad news. The bad news: my gums were infected and if left alone, my teeth would’ve fallen out within 5 months. Is it sad that my first thought was that my boyfriend would leave me? Whatever, I’m only 21. What do you expect? Anyway, the good news was if I went through some kind of procedure, my gums would be back to normal almost immediately. I was giving the option of scheduling another appointment for the procedure but given how ugly I would look without teeth, I decided to just get it over with. 

The procedure was fairly simple. The put some numbing gel all over my gums and then basically scraped at them for 45 minutes. It wasn’t too bad besides the part where water kept pouring out the corner of my mouth and I saw a little blood splatter on my dentist’s shirt (gross!). 

But alas, there was more bad news. My wisdom teeth have been growing in sideways. They point inward, which kinda makes me feel like one of those cool aliens on TV. I was told they’ve got to come out ASAP or they’ll start growing too close to my tongue. I have been trying to put off getting these babies pulled for a while. I knew they needed to go because they’ve been overly sore for a while but I’m so scared of the pain of getting them pulled. I know they’re going to hurt super bad.

So pray for me y’all! And if you don’t pray, cross your fingers and make lots of wishes! I don’t believe in wishes but anything helps, right?


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