Around the end of May, I got a job at McDonald’s. It was my first long term job (my first job was seasonal) and I was excited to finally be making money. I should’ve known I would hate the job from the start.

I came in one day for orientation. It was just about an hour and all we did was watch videos. Well after that I didn’t hear back from them for 2 weeks. In fact, the only reason I got started with my training was that I called and asked why I hadn’t heard anything. Training was 3 hour shifts where I focused in different tasks each day. Unfortunately the managers at my job suck at staying on task so they had me doing other things than what I was assigned. For that reason, I trained 4 weeks instead of 2. I was so angry.

To make it worse, once I was done with training, I was only given 3 days a week to work instead if the five I was promised. Furthermore, even though I am scheduled to work 4 to midnight, I have still never worked later than 10. Most days, I am sent home at 8 because there are “too many people” (and they are STILL hiring). This means I only get 3 hours a day (I have a one hour break). So basically I have been working there about 2 months and STILL am making training pay. Yeaaaa… I can’t keep doing this. I am broke every month once I pay my car insurance and phone bill.

So, I have decided I shall take this no longer! I filled out a bunch of applications and am going in to all the places some time this week to follow up. Pray for me y’all! Mama needs a job!


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