Breaking Expectations

Since I was a little girl, I knew I wanted to join a sorority when I grew up. I always thought it would be an NPHC (they’re historically black). I had never thought of any other options. I only have 2 sorority members in my family but both are in NPHCs. The idea of possibly joining an NPC had never crossed my mind.. until a year ago.

I attend an interest meeting for NPHC greeks last year. I was very excited to go, but when I got there I just didn’t feel like I fit in. When the time came to speak to the sorority girls I just felt like they were a bit closed off. I don’t know how to really explain it. I’m sure most of this was just perception. I’ve never gotten along with most Black girls unless they were seriously suburban. I just can’t relate.

Anyway, something came up where I wasn’t able to pledge anyway. Surprisingly I didn’t care. That should’ve been my first clue. My second clue was when my best friend asked me why I wanted to join the particular group I was interested in. I couldn’t give an answer except that my favorite teachers in school were in it.

I knew I would have to reconsider my choice. Still, I assumed I would choose another NPHC. I started doing research on the Greeks at my school an accidentally clicked the link for the NPC sororities. I decided, “Hey, I’m here. Why not read it”. The more I read the more I interested I became. I loved that you didn’t have to pick one particular sorority and single that one out before getting to experience what the girls of each sorority were like first. I loved the philanthropic endeavors each sorority was involved in. I loved how close they seemed. Their sisterhood seemed stronger than what I thought. So I decided that I would go against what people expected of me. Next year when I transfer back into a 4 year school, I will be Rushing for an NPC sorority.

I will admit I am very scared. I know that the black students on campus will give me a lot of flack. My family will probably use it as the basis of many jokes ( although they won’t be surprised. They already say I’m just a white girl with a tan). Most of all I’m scared the girls of the NPCs won’t he accepting of me. I live in Georgia and don’t know how much that aspect of the south has improved. I will just try to be myself. If they like me, great! If not, I guess I won’t be a sorority girl after all. But at least I will have tried.


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