Update: Transfers & Travel

Okay guys. Sorry for the long break… again. I have been soooo busy. My classes this semester are more intense than I’m used to so I had to re-learn how to manage my time. I just couldn’t logically fit blogging in until I had my academics figured out. Anyway, this is an update post.

So, guess what?! I got accepted into the school I’ve been working on transferring to! I hadn’t made a post about it earlier because… well honestly I forgot to. I’m so excited to go there but can’t say why without giving to much info about what school it is.

Also, I have decided to do study abroad for Summer 2014. The trips I want to go on cost a LOT which is why it won’t be Summer 2013. I know I can get enough financial aid to go, but I just don’t want to rush it because I’ll just stress myself out. One of the programs is a 12-week internship in London. If I get into that program I will be SICK with excitement. That would be a dream come true for me! I plan on getting an internship this coming summer & fall so that my resume will be good enough for me to get the particular internship I want (E! Entertainment). If I don’t get into that program, I will be going to either Paris, Cannes, or Barcelona.

I’ve never been anywhere outside the country except for Mexico but that’s nowhere special in my opinion. Especially, since I went on a cruise so I was only actually in Mexico for a few hours before we left and headed back. And we only went to some beach owned by the US so.. yea.

Welp, that’s all for now folks. First big exam of the semester tomorrow so I’ll have a post on that and how sucky this semester at a tech college has been.


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