My family has a history of “bad teeth”. I won’t go into details because everybody deserves for their medical issues to be private, but mine were horrible. My gums were swollen so bad, I couldn’t floss without my mouth bleeding profusely. Gross, I know.

Notice that was in past tense. Yesterday I went to the dentist and received some good and bad news. The bad news: my gums were infected and if left alone, my teeth would’ve fallen out within 5 months. Is it sad that my first thought was that my boyfriend would leave me? Whatever, I’m only 21. What do you expect? Anyway, the good news was if I went through some kind of procedure, my gums would be back to normal almost immediately. I was giving the option of scheduling another appointment for the procedure but given how ugly I would look without teeth, I decided to just get it over with. 

The procedure was fairly simple. The put some numbing gel all over my gums and then basically scraped at them for 45 minutes. It wasn’t too bad besides the part where water kept pouring out the corner of my mouth and I saw a little blood splatter on my dentist’s shirt (gross!). 

But alas, there was more bad news. My wisdom teeth have been growing in sideways. They point inward, which kinda makes me feel like one of those cool aliens on TV. I was told they’ve got to come out ASAP or they’ll start growing too close to my tongue. I have been trying to put off getting these babies pulled for a while. I knew they needed to go because they’ve been overly sore for a while but I’m so scared of the pain of getting them pulled. I know they’re going to hurt super bad.

So pray for me y’all! And if you don’t pray, cross your fingers and make lots of wishes! I don’t believe in wishes but anything helps, right?


Back to Business

Okay. So, I don’t know if you’ve noticed but the blog has been a bit.. well.. nonexistent for the past few months. Sorry about that guys. I was going through a LOT. Mainly a long bout of depression and anxiety issues brought on by my birth control. I already have a small anxiety problem but the birth control made it out of hand. On top of that, because I was depressed I wasn’t really doing anything blog-worthy. 

Last I posted, I believe I was an Exercise Science major. That quickly changed to Nursing. Exercise Science was never a passion of mine but I knew Physical Therapists made good money and so there ya go. Well then I realized how much schooling being a PT would take, so enter Nursing. Well, Nursing was never a passion either. Like physical therapy, it paid well and I could do it with a Bachelor’s. It seemed like it could be okay and I could settle for that right? WRONG!!

Good news, though. I did eventually figure it out. You see, during the past year, I have become OBSESSED with HGTV. Mainly the DIY shows and the ones where they take old run-sown homes and make them AH-MAZING. Then, in the past few months or so, I’ve become obsessed with actual DIY. I love it. The thought of spending $20 to make something that would normally be $200 excites my broke college student soul. So, talking to my mom one day I realized that this DIY thing actually WAS my passion. Finally, I had found it. Now, what to do with it.. Well, I have decided to start my own custom and repurposed furniture business. So, I’ve changed my major to Business Administration and am taking the leap of entrepreneurship.

I’m very excited about it. In fact as soon as I get my hands on $170 to get all the tools I need, I will be starting my first project (I’ll post details on that later). My first few projects will be for pieces to put around the house (we’re redecorating). I figure that should get me enough practice to make things to sell. Then I can begin selling on ETSY and go from there. I’m super excited and can’t wait to get my business off the ground. I’ll make sure to keep you guys updated.

Until next time,

Nigeria H.


Say Whaaatttt????

Today’s post will be a bit short as it is an update of my food stamp situation. Before I told you guys about my problem with getting the food stamps. Apparently I had to work 20 hours a week to get them because I’m in school (even though non-students don’t have to). Well I got a job and reapplied and guess what?!  Still no food stamps for me :/

Apparently, you have to be over 21 to qualify for food stamps without putting your parent’s info in. So I guess I can enlist in the army but I can’t eat. Crazy, huh?! I give up 😦

Until next time readers! Write to you later!

Long Time, No Blog!

First off, I would like to say this is the reason I don’t do New Year’s resolutions. I make one every year and never follow through. It’s sad but true.

Anywho, I should update you on my life! So guess I what I went and did?! I got a JOB at my school’s bookstore!! Granted, it’s only temporary. They needed to hire people for the Rush and I was one of those people! I freaking loooove my job!!! There is nothing particularly glamorous about it but there is something pretty neat about getting that paycheck (did I mention I qualified for tax exemption)! Also, I’m a  big kid so playing with the scanner is pretty awesome! [I’ll be writing another post on this later]

Let’s see… what else is there? Oh yea! We got hit by the mondo snowstorm that took over the east coast! It was crazy! We got four inches of snow which is a LOT for Georgia. Everyone was playing in it and it was fun to watch what people could come up with to do in the snow. Some guys hooked a rope to the back of a truck and snowboarded while the truck pulled them super fast and it seemed that every guy with a huge truck decided to go drifting in the snow. It was super cool and I pray that next time it snows my boyfriend has that truck he wants so we can do it too! [Post on the snow also coming soon]

Welp, that’s pretty much all the interesting-ness I have for you today.. see you soon readers!

My New Year’s Resolution

I’ve been trolling Facebook basically all day and everyone is talking about their New Year’s Resolutions. I’m not really into having one of those for my personal life and I never have been. People normally set them to better themselves but I don’t understand why we  have to wait for the New Year to be better people. Why can’t we just try to better ourselves bit by bit every single day. That’s my philosophy.

With that being said I have decided to make a New Year’s resolution that wasn’t involving my personal life. In 2011 I want to try to post a blog entry at LEAST once a week because, let’s face it, I’m pretty inconsistent as far as posting goes and some of you readers have emailed me asking what’s going on. So let’s see how this goes…. 😀

Curse you Perry the Platypus!

Okay, this blog post has nothing to do with Perry the Platypus. Just a random title today.

You may have noticed a break in my posting and be saying, “Curse you Nigeria! You told us you were going to be doing regular posts!”

Well, being the college student I am I went home for the holidays. And because we have company in the house I was forced to move my computer downstairs in my mom’s room where there is no internet hookup… so primal!

I will try to keep blogging from my phone like I am doing now but I must admit it is highly annoying so no promises!

Bye readers! TTYL!

Eff the System!

So today was a pretty bad day for me. You see, I applied for food stamps a while ago because being a college student with no job makes it hard to buy groceries every month and still have money left for things like projects, computer repairs, and all that.

So last Friday, I got the pin number for my EBT card. I knew that meant I’d be getting the card in the mail the following Monday. The timing was great because there was a Christmas party that night. All my friends had cute Santa outfits to wear and because I wouldn’t have to buy groceries I would be able to get an outfit too. Great, right?

WRONG! When I called to activate my EBT card today, I found out that there was nothing on. Turns out they sent me the card for no reason. Apparently if you are a student you have to work 20 hours a week to receive food stamps while people who are not in school can just sit around doing nothing and sucking the system dry. That is so backwards to me.

Shouldn’t some one who has less time to work because they are trying to better their lives be able to get food stamps  instead of people who can without even trying to better their lives. I know there are actually people who CAN’T get jobs but it isn’t fair that I am being penalized for getting my education. How does being enrolled in school (which costs more than sitting at home) make me less hungry and more able to buy groceries than someone not in school.

Obviously the system is made to keep you in the system. It’s a sad world we live in. Thankfully, I will be starting a job at my school’s bookstore next month. So eff the system! I WILL be getting those stamps. It’s hard out here for a college student. 🙂