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I need to begin to focus more. I mean the title of the blog is Scatterbrained so that shouldn’t be much of a surprise. I was so stoked to start this blog then I got the idea to start a YouTube channel and then some other ideas. 

I realized this is why nothing I start is ever great. I’m so quick to abandon one project for a new, shinier one. But that ends now! I am going to try to blog here once a week (I’ll work up to doing it more often). 

No idea what I’ll blog about because my life is quite boring. Warning: This blog will have no theme. If I want to blog about fashion, I’ll do that. If I want to blog about my current obsession with home decor, I’ll do that. And if I’m feeling super nerdy (but yet girly), expect a post about super cute tech accessories. But mostly it’ll be about my boring, average, slightly weird life. 🙂